Eco-Friendly Bags, Liners, & Films
As the direct manufacturer, we have the flexibility to offer Eco-Friendly packaging solutions for both standard and custom size bags and liners. Our biodegradable films offer the same strength and tensile properties as traditional non-degradable plastics, and have no toxic by-products.
How it Works

Biodegradation begins when the plastic comes in contact with the soil. The amount of microbes available in the soil and the soil conditions determine the rate of degradation. Microbes in the soil react with the additive in the plastic, creating enzymes and acids which start the biodegradation , and continues until fully biodegraded. 

Common uses: Box Liners, Trash Can Liners, Recycling Bags, Laundry Bags, Biohazard Bags, Highway Pick Up Bags

Plascon biodegradable films are Made in the USA!